The customizable social network for music fans


  • Customizable profile page
  • Tons of music
  • Good privacy controls


  • Under developed communication and sharing tools
  • Profiles can get ugly!


MySpace is a social network that is packed with features. You can create your own private community of friends to share music, videos, news and more.

The social basis of MySpace is your friends and profile page. Finding and inviting friends is easy, and you get get set up in no time. The privacy settings are pleasantly simple - you can choose who can see what about you, and all the settings are on one page. It's secure, and minors are very well protected, as long as usual web safety is followed.

Unlike Facebook, MySpace is very customizable. This continues to be one of its biggest attractions - and put offs! You make your profile pretty much as tasteful or extreme as you want. There are loads of page layouts you can find online, or you can get creative and edit the HTML code yourself.

MySpace has become a popular home for musicians because it lets you host tracks free. This makes it a great place to discover new music. There's also YouTube-like video, an events service and online games. MySpace isn't as developed as Facebook when it comes to communication. The wall is really just a basic message board, and doesn't have the same dynamic feel of its rival.

Despite being a less developed social space, MySpace is still a useful place to check out music and entertainment, and is great for anyone who loves to customize their personal space.


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